We are a active Education program which includes Youth Groups, Adult Groups, Service Projects and Bible School.

We want you to participate in our programs: please attend our activities, join the Committee and or help organize the program. Many volunteers are needed especially on a Sunday. We are in need of Helpers, Assistant Teachers, and Teachers for the events and with this it will lead to more and new events and activities.

Please contact Julie –

Need to see more then go to our Facebook and our Twitter.


During our church service we have a Nursery that your little ones can take full advantage of.

The Nursery is available during the 9 A.M. Service and the 11 A.M. Service.

Make sure that if your child is not potty trained that you leave a full bag of diapers.

We have one adult for every 5 kids. Though if we do not have enough volunteers we cannot watch the kids due to state law. So if you can volunteer for Nursery help.

Youth Squad

The Youth Squad is available during the 9 A.M. Service and the 11 A.M. Service.
Children will read verses and follow a youth sermon. Also they will be participating in songs and the followings in the bible.
Ages range from 3-7

Sunday School

Sunday School is for Kids 7-12 During the 1st part of class the children will be in Sunday School learning life lessons from their bible. From there they are released to go to Church to sit with their parents. Sunday School is during both the 9 and 11 services.


Sign up now for Awana’s. It is every Tuesday night from 7 to 9 and if for kids age 5 on up. Here they will

learn about the good of God and how to use it in their life.

Youth Groups

Youth Groups are now finished for the summer but will start up again in Sept. Email us for the official date.

Community Service

Yes if you are looking to do some community service let us know. We can give you a certificate in the following areas.

  • Nursery
  • Service Programs
  • Audio and Visual
  • Senior and Special Needs Care

Email us with the times and date you are available and we will take it from there. Thank you in advance.


Small Groups

We will be starting up small groups again in September. If you can be in charge of one of the small group please let us know and we will start assigning the members to you.