Welcome to Church

Welcome to Church

Upcoming Events

August is going to be one of our biggest months filled with activities all month long.

Friday the 4th of August from 6 am to 4 pm we will have a summer theme park for all the kids. Admission and food is free just make sure to show up.

Sunday the 6th we will have service at 9 A.M. and at 11 A.M.

Wednesday the 9th we will have Wednesday bible study and worship at 6 P.M.

Friday the 11th will be our ladies bible study night with dinner it starts @ 5 P.M.

Sunday the 13th will have service at 9 A.M. and at 11 A.M.

Wednesday the 16th will be baptism night which will start at 5 P.M.

Thursday the 17th will be our Child Dedication night that will start at 6 P.M.

Sunday the 20th we will have service at 9 and 11 A.M.

Friday the 25th will be our mens bible study night and dinner @ 5:30 P.M.

Sunday the 27th service will start @ 9 A.M. and at 11 A.M.

Summer Bible School

Our week long summer bible school will start on Monday 17th of Aug and run through the 24th. Kids from the age of 5 up are able to attend. The price per child will be 237.00 for the week and we also need to have an allergy list of all kids and they will be swimming so with there clothes make sure to pack for that. If you have any questions make sure to talk to Barbara at the front of the building. For more info make sure to visit our Facebook page.


We need badly rebuild the front of the church since we had the last storm and had some damage done to it. If you feel like you can do more than your tithe then please let us know and get involved my calling the church office. In advance thank you.

Volunteer Service

We are always looking for those that want to go above and beyond their call. If that is you and you can do any of the following please let us know.

  • Roofing
  • Weeding
  • Painting
  • Clean
  • any handyman/handywoman services


A Special Thanks…

The car accident that Jessica suffered last month was hard for her. But things have been looking up for her. A special thanks to pravatilegalfunding.com and to carvana.com helping her get right again.


Get A Hold Of Us

We want you to get a hold of us and share with others the special times we have here trying to connect with God. If you need more information connect with us through. Facebook or email us at gethelpwithchillup@aol.com.

We hope to see you here at church soon!